Design / Branding


I did the recent rebranding for a youth charity based in East London. This included selecting new type faces, colour swatches as well as a website.


I did the complete branding for a London based consultancy firm. They asked for specific bits of symbolism that touched upon Ottoman and British roots. These were represented by specially illustrated glyphs on the final logo.

Other brands I've developed

My Process

Initial Meeting

We have an initial discussion where you tell me about your brand. We try and steer away from designing anything at this stage. This is where you tell me about your identity.

Mock-up stage

I do a brainstorm and then draft up more than a dozen different designs based on our first conversation 


Once you've given me feedback on the logo and I make changes, I get to work on the final visual identity (black and white only at this stage)


I do research on colour theory and develop a palette suitable for your brand, along with typefaces.

The wrap up

Once you're happy with the final brand, I hand over the visual identity with all the assets (typefaces, colours, etc)

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss branding!

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