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Mock-up 1

After our first conversation, we drew up a brainstorm of the themes that are associated with Chaos Theory as an organisation. Here's what came out -

I started a free drawing collation and began experimenting with different visual ideas

evolution of the idea as it leaves paper and goes onto the design stage

Note - All logos need to start life as black and white first and then we'll work on colour if we have to

What do you think of this?

Final suggested design

on print or digital assets

Robi's ideas behind the logo

There's a hidden C and T within the logo. It's a clean design that translates well across platforms as a playful and also a serious logo for a serious organisation. It's a clean and modern design that should be able transferrable across from business cards, to flyers and reports, etc.

It's a clear to understand and recognise visual that's also different from most other variations you'll find out there.

on black

Other ideas that can be explored

fleshed out on Sarah's original design.

The good thing about it is the simplicity, however

we may run into some copyright issues as

it's quite close to Mind.

The irregular arrow is drawn from the symbolism of chaos and the lifeline symbol comes from Sarah's first idea.

The arrows are derived from the symbol of chaos by Micheal Moorcock

This idea has been drawn from the concept of duality of life/death - a running theme that came out of our discussion about the organisation.

Let me know your thoughts!

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