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Homesick – A quick walkthrough

I’ve stopped buying large canvasses that are quite intimidating and got a few of these little postcard sized ones. I had a conversation with a friend recently where they were curious about what the world would possibly look like if they were standing on the moon.

Roughly done using watercolours. I’d have liked to have added a few more layers on that black, but I’m used to coating on the acrylic. Decided to choose watercolours because I wanted the detail on the clouds to stand out.

I obviously first started with the black. A couple of layers went on and I dried it using a hairdryer. I then outlined the earth with a pencil. You can see a faint pencil mark on the canvas.

I very faintly added a bit of blue into the circle. This was mixed with a bit of white. I also add a bit of texture to the surface of the moon.

The clouds now begin to form with a bit more white going in and giving the earth a bit more definition.

Voila. In comes the blue.

Once that’s dried, the clouds start to take shape. Small botches of dry paint.

A bit more definition to the clouds. I wanted to end it there, but I realised that I fudged up the bottom of the earth a little and didn’t make it round enough, so I added more cloud >

Now the clouds are a bit more defined.


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