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Why Kylie isn't a Self-Made billionaire

I hate indulging on celebrity drivel, but seeing as it's seeping into the world of business, I thought I'd offer my two cents.

This is about Kylie Jenner apparently becoming the world's youngest 'self-made' billionaire.

Kylie Jenner isn't a self-made billionaire. She came from a place of privilege that was created from an empire that her mother capitalised on (after Kim did that thing did which went viral).

This isn't me having a dig at a young woman launching a start-up. I'm surrounded by amazing women that have launched their own businesses completely off their own backs.

A few examples here from just people that I know and have had the privilege to work with -

  • Hajera Memon who launched her own selection of interactive children's books by putting them through multiple crowdfunding campaigns (she seriously never sleeps).

  • Samia Quddus who also launched her own set of books and innovative gratitude journal. She's spearheading the way people in education think about art therapy.

  • Then there's Zohra Khaku who I've known probably for the longest; founding HalalGems (which is a hell of a story of growth in itself) and becoming a conduit for a whole lot of other aspiring female entrepreneurs to take flight.

  • One of my current clients Siaba Tumoe has launched a lactation smoothie brand for young mothers who are struggling to increase their milk supply. It came from her own experiences of facing that after becoming a mother for the first time last year. Whenever I take her calls and we correspond via emails, she'll be between feeding her son and putting him to sleep whilst handling her thriving startup. (Find out about her here)

The arrogance of privilege annoys me the most when we deal with the likes of the Kardashians. I sometimes feel like they'll end up being a perfect case study with what went wrong in our society in years to come.

Influence is a currency. It's important to remember that and I think it's also important that young aspiring entrepreneurs know what it really takes to start a business. It's hard work, sleepless nights and resilience.

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