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Star Wars: the Last Jedi (Non-spoiler Review)

So I went to watch the latest Star Wars film the day that it came out earlier this week. Had to make the conscious effort of booking tickets in advance as I’ve found that it’s near impossible avoiding spoilers online for films.

Before I start this little review, I have a disclaimer. It’s that my views below will most definitely be done with rose-tinted glasses. I’m a Star Wars fan through and through, following the original films, a large number of the book and comic series, the canon from the games and a large part of the universe that Lucas has created. What I’m trying to say in a dramatic way is that you’re getting a biased view of the film because I love the world it’s set in. With that in mind, I’ll try and be as objective as possible without giving away any plot points.

The film was enjoyable. The theme is very different from previous Star Wars stories and from a cinematography perspective, incredibly spot on. There were some great moments in the film; A few emotional highs and lows.

I loved the aerial dogfights in space. They were technically very well executed and wouldn’t feel out of place in a traditional war film. The other thing I loved is the the flora and fauna of the new planets, including the wildlife that you see across the new environments. You’d have to be heartless to not love the porgs. I want a dozen of them.

Without giving too much away, I think the theme of this film is that the collective spirit is stronger than a few heroes. Traditionally in a film, we’re used to seeing iconic heroes take down a baddie on a trench run or epic duel. This is more a film about the fight to save the ones we love, over the battle against those that we hate.

When you watch it, try and ignore the Force Awakens a little and think of it as a stand alone film. It’ll heighten your experience further when you do that. It’s not a film without faults, as I think there’s space to fix a number of continuity issues. They haven’t made it a nostalgia-led film like the last one. This is more a film that questions our understanding of the light vs the dark side.

Rian Johnson has created a film that makes you rethink your perspective on heroes. He’s humanised mythical characters and provided a little more context to the force than previously explained in the films. Go out and watch it and let me know your thoughts!

On a side note – check out this hilarious video >

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